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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hewlett-Packard, Past as Prologue, More Layoffs Inevitable

HP's sad saga following the disastrous decisions of Leo Apotheker and HP's Board of Directors in the past, have left Meg Whitman, its gallant current CEO, little choice but to struggle to move forward in a fast changing tech landscape. Meg is doing a good job under very trying circumstances, but unfortunately, the way forward will be to lay off a LOT MORE employees, slimming down the company to focus on core competencies, and to morph to Linux, Chrome OS, and Android devices, putting the disastrous Windows 8 in the dustbin where it belongs. Tragic mistakes of the past still haunting HP include buying Autonomy at an exorbitant price, buying Palm and then dropping WebOS devices -- just throwing away billions of dollars in shareholder money. If only HP had saved its money and bought Sun Microsystems and its Java software . . . . and then it would have been in a position to rescue BlackBerry and get its QNX OS -- but that it is all just part of what could have been, but for the disastrous leadership of HP's past --

Hewlett-Packard under fire after earnings report - SiliconValley.com: "Although HP wouldn't provide a current estimate of how many people it employs worldwide, its most recent annual report listed the total at 331,800. Even with the 29,000 positions it is eliminating, it still has nearly three times as many workers as the next biggest Silicon Valley employer, Oracle (ORCL)."


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