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Monday, August 5, 2013

NSA, chatter, noise, FUD

OK here's  the headline du jourAl Qaeda threat: 19 US diplomatic sites to remain closed through next weekend (+video) - CSMonitor.com

Sad, and so pathetic, and one wonders--have they given Susan Rice (see below) more "talking points" (more like "lying points") like she spouted last year on national television about Benghazi--none of which were true?

NSA defenders: embassy closures followed pre-9/11 levels of 'chatter' | World news | The Guardian: "The incoming national security advisor, Susan Rice, chaired a meeting on Saturday at the White House and was expected to further brief Obama, who was celebrating his 52nd birthday on Sunday. A number of Congressional leaders concerned by the NSA's powers, particularly regarding domestic surveillance, urged caution over linking the latest terrorism alert. Adam Schiff, a Democrat on the House intelligence committee, said: "This is not the usual kind of chatter … it had to be corroborated or come from very reliable sources to take this kind of action. "You have to be very careful how much you represent that any particular programme has contributed to our security. There is no indication that the metadata programme [related to domestic surveillance] contributed to information about this particular plot.""

Could it all be false alarms--is al Qaeda now  playing the NSA (et al) at its own game? If so, NSA has no way to separate the "chatter" from the "noise" and their "intelligence" is "useless." It's just more FUD being used to manipulate others.


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