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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Obama, NSA, the "witless and harebrained"

I'm not the only one who thinks this is crazy--

Michael Wolff: Officials seem clueless in Snowden saga: " . . . . it is hardly just the Brits who are acting like morons. There is President Obama and his mano-a-mano combat with Edward Snowden. The most basic rule of institutional management, of which the president of the United States ought to be the ultimate example, is that you don't get into pissing matches with individuals. And surely not individuals who themselves have no institutional standing. And surely not those who have nothing to lose. But here we are: The president of the United States — jaw tightening, lips pressing, veins throbbing — is personally chasing little Edward Snowden through the Moscow airport.   And then losing him. And then admitting that, indeed, what the NSA has gotten up to does seem troubling after all. Hence, there is hardly anyone of sound mind, on the right or the left, who doesn't think that the people who should be in charge of the NSA and the bureaucrats in American intelligence are not. Not just because it is wrong to institutionalize a massive invasion of privacy, but, more damning, because everybody who ought to be in charge — most of all the president and, as well, the allies eagerly aiding him — looks witless and harebrained at every turn in this story, and gives no indication that they have any idea what they are doing." (emphasis added)

And to think, just one guy -- Edward Snowden -- brought the entire Obama Administration down to become the laughing-stock of the entire world, heck, even Putin  joined in "toying" with the "witless and harebrained,"  -- like a cat playing with a mouse.  The Emperor wears no clothes!


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