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Friday, January 18, 2013

Windows 8 Is a Massive Microsoft Fail

Why Windows 8 will fail as a desktop OS--gorilla arm, finger grease, and the dumbed-down OS--

Why Touch Screens Will Not Take Over: Scientific American: ". . . the tingling ache that came from extending my right arm to manipulate that screen for hours, an affliction that has earned the nickname of gorilla arm. Some experts say gorilla arm is what killed touch computing during its first wave in the early 1980s. (Another problem is finger grease. You can clean a phone's screen by wiping it on your jeans, but that's not as convenient with a 32-inch monitor.) . . . Windows 8 is actually two operating systems in one. . . the underlying Windows desktop has the too-small-targets problem. The angle and distance of PC screens are tougher nuts to crack. Microsoft is betting that Windows 8 will be so attractive that we won't mind touching our PC screens, at least until the PC concept fades away entirely. Yet although PC sales have slowed, they won't be zero any time soon. My belief is that touch screens make sense on mobile computers but not on stationary ones. Microsoft is making a gigantic bet that I'm wrong."

Microsoft is losing that bet, big time.


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