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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Apotheker's Legacy of Wrecking HP Continues

Autonomy hasn't been the killer software product that HP pumped it up to be--Business Insider

Meg Whitman is doing all she can to set HP aright after all the damage Leo Apotheker did before he was finally fired (he should have never been hired in the first place--blame the HP board for that horrendous decision).  I just don't know how much more rough water HP is going to have to go through--PCs and copiers are not a booming market and Apotheker threw away webOS and hence destroyed HP's chance to compete in tablets and mobile--

" . . . the industry shift has rewarded upstarts like Amazon.com, which has become a premier cloud provider to business, and Apple, which reinvented itself with smartphones and tablets."(NYTimes)

If only HP had not hired Apotheker but a CEO who could have advanced webOS--HP: Replaces Autonomy Leader With Bill Veghte - Business Insider: "According to a recent report in Fortune, HP CFO Kathie Lesjak tried to stop HP from buying Autonomy for nearly $12 billion last summer, thinking the price was too high, but she lost that battle to then-CEO Leo Apotheker."--$12 billion down the drain. What a waste!


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