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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Low Will Microsoft Go?

Are there any limits to how low Microsoft will go?--

Behind Google's Antitrust Escape - WSJ.com: " . . . In a sign no Google effort was too small to go unnoticed by Microsoft, John Sampson, a director of Microsoft's federal politics operations, last year urged at least one member of Congress from Washington state not to support a Google event in Seattle last year called "Get Your Business Online" that catered to small businesses. Google spent millions of dollars on Get Your Business Online, a nationwide campaign that included multiday workshops in states such as Iowa and Texas in which Google helped local businesses set up websites and an online business listing tied to its search engine, free of charge. In an email to a congressional office in March 2012, Mr. Sampson said such events were partly aimed at soliciting small businesses to support Google. "Although these programs have an air of goodness," he wrote in the email reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, "Google is in fact using this program to develop a grass-tops network" of small businesses they can "activate to their defense" if the FTC tries to bring a case. Some Washington lobbyists, including those who have done work for Google, said that the Get Your Business Online effort has perhaps had more impact on federal lawmakers than any lobbying done on Capitol Hill. A Google spokesman declined to comment. A Microsoft spokesman declined to comment on Mr. Sampson's outreach efforts."

Really Microsoft, have you no shame?


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