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Friday, April 13, 2012

All You Need To Know About the Gingrich Campaign

Newt to Utah: Drop dead - POLITICO.com: "Utah Elections Director Mark Thomas said a designated agent for the Gingrich campaign brought the filing papers and a check for $500 in March, but after the check was deposited, the state was notified by the bank that the check had bounced. He said the office has tried to contact the Gingrich campaign through the telephone number and email provided on the application, but have not received a response. Recently, the state sent a certified letter to the campaign, stating that if the fee isn’t paid by April 20, Gingrich will be disqualified and will not be on the ballot"

First Read - Gingrich explains bounced check: "The former House speaker, who’s fighting to remain a viable challenger to Mitt Romney in the Republican primary, laughed off a $500 bounced check cut by his campaign that was intended to help him pay to qualify for the Utah primary. “This is one of those goofy things,” Gingrich told reporters following a speech at a senior citizen center here. “That check was drawn in December. The account actually was closed by the time they processed it. It wasn’t a question of money. That particular bank account was closed.”"

OK, just "one of those goofy things"--apparently the Gingrich campaign writes checks and then closes the checking account.  Memo to vendors: if you get a check from the Gingrich campaign, RUN to the bank to cash it before the campaign closes the account!

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