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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

For the NSA the worst is yet to come, accountability

For years, the intelligence services of the US government have gotten away with murder -- literally and figuratively -- as well as gross incompetence and dismal failure after failure. And yet, thanks to non-existent oversight by either the Congress or the President du jour (Bush, Obama), and cloaked in secrecy including their own in-house rubber-stamp secret Courts, the NSA (and other agencies) have not been held to account for the billions wasted, misspent, and other gross incompetence. But now with the Snowden affair, after all those revelations (of which, reportedly, many more are to come), the worst is still yet to come -- someone in Congress (forget about the Obama White House -- they don't want to know, deniability is their on-going strategy for management of the Executive branch of the US government from GSA to IRS to Benghazi) is going to ask and demand to know how the National Security Agency allowed a low-level contract employee to walk off with all of the NSA's top secret documents? Reportedly, Snowden spent months, while on the payroll of NSA contractors, downloading via USB thumb drives, any and all documents of his choice -- and walked out of the building, no questions asked! What kind of security is that? Just because someone has a top secret clearance doesn't mean they won't steal your stuff dummies! The MOST serious threats to security are ALWAYS from the inside. Just how stupid or naive are the US intelligence services?

But I guess when one gets billions to spend, with no accountability or transparency or oversight, you can get pretty sloppy, or lazy, or incompetent. And yet these clowns in Washington think they should be telling the rest of the country how to manage their security? LOL!

One would be much better off going to Las Vegas and learning how the casinos manage security -- that's one place you will find competent professionalism in the security field.


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