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Saturday, June 15, 2013

NSA leaker Ed Snowden used banned thumb-drive -- LOL

You can't make this stuff up--

NSA leaker Ed Snowden used banned thumb-drive, exceeded access - Washington Times: "Questions were raised Friday about security procedures at the ultra-secret National Security Agency, after it emerged that Edward Snowden, the contract employee who leaked details of the agency’s broad-scale data gathering on Americans, exceeded his authorized access to computer systems and smuggled out Top Secret documents on a USB drive — a thumb-sized data storage device banned from use on secret military networks. “He should not have been able to do either of those things” without setting off alarm bells, said one private sector IT security specialist who has worked on U.S. government classified networks. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivities of his current employer."

Billions and billions of taxpayer dollars spent (wasted is more like it), and the NSA can't prevent or stop a "contract worker" from stealing Top Secret documents on a USB thumb drive?

I feel so "secure," don't you?


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