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Friday, June 14, 2013

EU vs US -- relationship amid PRISM spying claims

These concerns could see MEPs vote on the suspension of the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor agreement, which allows data to flow between the two continents under the premise that receiving U.S. companies will treat the European data as if it was still within the EU. In Reding's letter, she confirmed that the Safe Harbor scheme is currently under review in the EU legislative process. (source infra)

Forget Snowden, China, Hong Kong et al--this may become really bad news for Obama, the NSA, US companies--

EU 'assessing U.S. relationship' amid PRISM spying claims | ZDNet: "Reding's letter, dated June 10, which contains some sternly worded language, states that she has "serious concerns" about the reports that U.S. authorities are accessing EU citizens' data through U.S. companies. "The respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law are the foundations of the EU-US relationship. This common understanding has been, and must remain, the basis of cooperation between us in the area of Justice," she said."


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