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Thursday, June 13, 2013

IRS economic headwinds

You make it difficult to comply, or engage in administrative, bureaucratic harassment, guess what? They stop doing business with you, stop investing in your "domain," or avoid having anything to do with you. If Obama really wanted jobs--he could start by having his administration remove or reform regulations that are barriers to investment and more jobs--

RAHN: IRS troubles go global - Washington Times: "The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is already causing many foreign financial institutions to cease investing in the United States or accepting clients with any U.S. connection. Eventually, this regulation may cost the country trillions of dollars in lost foreign investment and millions of lost U.S. jobs. Yet the IRS and Treasury failed to do an independent and serious cost-benefit analysis of the regulation as required. Private-sector executives who fail to do such an analysis could be fired or fined for failing to carry out their fiduciary responsibility." (read more at link above)


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