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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Microsoft Windows 8: welcome to the worst in both worlds

When Is a Tablet Not a Tablet? When It's Microsoft's Surface | Tim Bajarin | PCMag.com: "This discrepancy in design reinforces the fact that the Surface is more like a small laptop that is not optimized to deliver a rich tablet experience. Because of that, I am skeptical whether the Surface will be a big hit. Landscape has its advantages in many scenarios, like when watching movies or playing some games, but in a broad set of tablet use cases, portrait is equally and sometimes more important. I believe that a true tablet provides an excellent experience in both landscape and portrait modes."

It seems Microsoft has given the worst in Windows 8 -- by trying to be a one-all, fits-all operating system, it has made compromises that severely impact functionality, both for tablets (as the above review attests) as well as regular PCs (as many reviews have stated).


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