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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why the Debates Don't Matter

If you haven't heard, the first Presidential Election Debate is this Wednesday (October 3rd) between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The media have already started hyping it. Peggy Noonan (and apparently the Romney campaign) believe it offers a chance for Mitt Romney to turn around his incompetent, losing campaign. It won't. He's doneOf course we have to go through these last few weeks of the campaign with the pundits and media, and candidates, pretending it's not over. It's over. Barack Obama will win his second term as President on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. As soon as Obama is projected by any national, credible news organization, to be the winner of Florida and Ohio (and it's just a question of how early in the evening those projections will come), you can turn out the lights and go to bed, or go back to your intense video game, or whatever.

If Bill Clinton thinks Barack Obama is an amateur, then Mitt Romney is a "rank amateur." Peggy Noonan has said the Romney campaign is incompetent. It's that and worse. Recently referred to as the "stench," the Romney campaign looks, smells, and acts like an incompetent, inept loser, now desperate, but still living in denial of its own miserable incompetence and ineptness. Romney says he's going to cut everybody's taxes--really? Do you believe that? Does any living, thinking person on the planet believe that? I don't. I gave up on Mitt Romney shortly after his disastrous foreign trip, when I realized, after taking stock of all of Obama's negatives (and there are many, very many), Romney could actually be worse if elected. That's it in a nutshell. Obama will win because Romney could be worse if elected. And the majority of the American people aren't willing to take that chance.

So watch the debate if you're so inclined, but it doesn't really matter. I may even watch the first five minutes myself. President Obama will be his calm Presidential self, and Mitt?  He might make a fool of himself, or he might look like the desperate loser he has become, or he might even do a decent job. The problem is, under any scenario, he is not going to move the needle. He allowed himself to be defined by the Obama campaign back in the spring and early summer, and then he confirmed and even added to that negative definition again, and again (47% anyone?).

Update: Ryan told “Fox News Sunday” this morning that “it would take me too long to go through all the math” (on the Romney-Ryan plan to "cut everyone's taxes"). Problem is, the Romney-Ryan "math" doesn't "add up" and yet they expect people to vote for them. This is why voters don't "trust" Romney-Ryan.


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