When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do? -- John Maynard Keynes

Friday, July 8, 2011

Words to live by

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1. Stop trying to change what you can’t. . . . Accept things for what they are, see people for who they are, and work with that reality.
2. Figure out what you can change. Even if you have few freedoms, there are always small things you can change. Can you spend a few minutes doing sitting meditation? Can you eat more fruits & veggies? Can you walk more? Can you watch less TV and find a few minutes to create? Can you blog? Can you do some pushups in your room? Can you learn to be more grateful in every interaction with others? Can you slow down a bit? Can you smile more? There are lots and lots of small changes you can make, even if you can’t make the big ones you’d like to make.
3. You can always change your mind. Learn to live in the moment. Learn to be mindful of your thoughts. Learn to squash negative thinking. Learn to see the opportunities in everything. Learn to see mistakes and failures as an opportunity to learn and improve. Learn to be grateful, and compassionate, and kind.
4. Learn to live without control. . . . read more here: http://zenhabits.net/teens/

The Big Picture

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