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Monday, July 18, 2011

$50,000 and a coffee shop around the corner'.

Amazon's Vogels: cloud, start-ups, treadmills - Patch Monday - Blogs - ZDNet Australia: "The cloud has levelled the playing field for business, says Amazon's chief technology officer Dr Werner Vogels. Ten years ago, a start-up needed $5 million. Now, Vogels says, it's 'just $50,000 and a coffee shop around the corner'.

'The fact that the cloud is powering this whole new range of innovation at very low cost means that we've seen a wealth of new applications and new ways of doing things coming towards us that didn't even exist five years ago,' he said.

Vogels notes the increasing 'webification' of enterprise applications, and sees a future where even your exercise treadmill has an IP address. 'I've learned that if you think about innovation it's best not to restrain yourself too much,' he said."

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