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Sunday, August 21, 2011

It’s not just about the U

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Anybody who thinks that what may have happened at the University of Miami is unique, or different than what goes on, more or less, at all major university football programs today, is naïve.  It’s just that, in Miami’s case, a convicted squealer has turned against the program big-time. http://allabouttheu.wordpress.com

If any of the allegations are true, then what should the NCAA do about it?

But some experts say any change would need to include a profound cultural shift, because the pressure to win and the exorbitant salaries and compensation for coaches has created an environment that fosters rule-breaking. Today's athletic departments no longer focus on education; instead they use a "business model" designed to attract top athletes and raise money, said former NCAA executive director Cedric Dempsey.

. . . "It's not that there's not an effort to try and do things the right way," . . . The ultimate challenge facing schools, however, is controlling the outside influences, Dempsey said. When one wealthy person gets involved, it can be difficult to police their actions. At this point, universities need to reexamine where the athlete fits into the higher education program . . . "the term 'amateur' has to be redefined. There's too much invested in the larger program today . . .  . Former Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden, on the other hand, says players should be paid, even if it's just about $100 dollars a month. . . . http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/college/ct-spt-0821-miami-ncaa--20110821,0,958754.story

Maybe it is time for the NCAA to recognize it is running a major business enterprise (providing employment and income and profits at all levels for all kinds of people and independent businesses) and that the players are (or should be) recognized as professionals, and compensated as such. Why is it that everybody but the players is making big-time money off major college sports today?

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