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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Federal Email Systems Should Be on Gmail and Google Apps

Unbelievable email system at IRS -- sounds like something circa 1999! --

 Sources: Lois Lerner’s emails likely gone forever - Rachael Bade - POLITICO.com: "A high-level administration official called our cellphone to say that, based on his own exasperating experience, Lois Lerner's IRS emails might really be unrecoverable. Demanding anonymity, the official said he had been trying to assemble an archive of his own email while in government, but underlings told him there were gaps of months at a time. When we asked what the excuse was, he said: "I can't get a straight answer. You know the bureaucracy." We told him that if he'd document his experience and email it to us, we'd print it. Recoiling, he said there was no way to write such a thing in an email because of "the climate." We told him to just send it from his personal email. "I can't do THAT!" he replied. "Gmail really IS forever."--"Lerner's emails likely gone forever," by Rachael Bade, with Brian Faler: "Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner's crashed hard drive has been recycled ... 'We've been informed that the hard drive has been thrown away,' Sen. Orrin Hatch ... said.""


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