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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Five Surveillance Myths Stalling NSA Reform

Myths, lies, whatever you want to call them --

Myth No 1: NSA surveillance programs have thwarted terror attacks here at home.
Myth No 2: NSA data-crunching programs only work if you collect all information on everyone.
Myth No 3: All relevant decision-makers were briefed on the programs and approved them.
Myth No 4: There’s simply no other less-intrusive way to achieve the same ends.
Myth No 5: President Obama’s changes sufficiently address the privacy violations revealed in the last eight months.

Five surveillance myths stalling NSA reform, debunked | Michelle Richardson | Comment is free | theguardian.com: "The Day We Fight Back deserves truth amidst the administration’s half-truths and trolling. From thwarted attacks (zero) to President Obama’s new rules (not good enough), this is what you need to know to make real reform happen . . . ." (read more at the link above)


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