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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wall Street friends and public employee unions

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In a follow-up to my earlier post From Bad to Worse: the Impoverishment of the United States of America
I came across the following comment in the New York Times:

"I read recently that the number of people without health insurance has increased this year too. In spite of that grand sellout Obama made with the industry. Or maybe because of it? We know he was committed to bailing out his rich Wall Street friends and public employee unions. But has anything Obama put his hands on helped the ordinary people of this country?" (emphasis added)

Poverty Levels in 2010 Reach 52-Year Peak, U.S. Says - Readers' Comments - NYTimes.com

If the Republicans repeat in 2012 what happened in 2010, there should be no reason anyone on the Democrat side wonders why.

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