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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mayor Emanuel--one Democrat who "gets it"--explodes at Teachers Union president

Teachers union president says Mayor Emanuel ‘exploded’ at her - Chicago Sun-Times

If only more Democrats were like Mayor Rahm Emanuel--including President Obama--with a sorry 55% graduation rate, Chicago Public Schools have been failing for years. Thankfully, at last, someone is taking on the Teachers Union and putting children first:

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis says Mayor Rahm Emanuel “exploded” at her during a conversation in his office about his signature longer-school-day effort, pointing his finger at her, yelling and telling her, “F--- you, Lewis.”

“I just want to call it immense disrespect for me and the Chicago Teachers Union,’’ Lewis told the Chicago Sun-Times Friday. “I didn’t appreciate the way he talked to me.
. . . .
Emanuel — long known for his salty rants — would not go into specifics Friday about the exchange, and said the meeting weeks ago ended with a hug from Lewis.

“I’m not going to get into a he-said, she-said. We had a good meeting. It was not a long meeting. We talked about a longer school day and we talked about focusing on elementary kids,” the mayor said.

“To tell the truth, she hugged me at the end of the meeting.” 

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