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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Google’s Business Principles

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I’ve written about Google and government issues before and also here, and previously noted Google’s ranking as the world’s most reputable company here: "Google's reputation platform is based on its great workplace environment, its open and transparent way of doing business, and its commitment to playing an active role in improving society." http://reputationinstitute.com/global-reptrak-pulse

Yesterday, I watched the Judiciary Committee hearing and later read Eric Schmidt’s written testimony in which he set out and elaborated on Google’s Business Principles:
(“These are the principles that have guided us from the beginning:”)

Do what’s best for the user
Provide the most relevant answers as quickly as possible
Label advertisements clearly
Be transparent
Loyalty, not lock-in
Be open, not closed

You can read Eric Schmidt’s full statement (including his elaboration on the principles) here: http://judiciary.senate.gov/pdf/11-9-21SchmidtTestimony.pdf

Frankly, I don’t know of any other technology company with a better set of principles, and as a heavy Google user, I can attest that Google walks the talk.


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