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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Who Will Buy Yahoo and Solve the Marissa Problem?

Alibaba, SoftBank?

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Marissa?: "... Mayer has been CEO at Yahoo for two years now.  She was absolutely dealt a tough hand, which I think any other CEO, whether Ross Levinsohn or anyone else, would have been challenged to turn around.  In fact, I spoke out in her defense early on after her hiring, asking several critics to give her more time to work at her turnaround.  Two years after her hiring, however, I think it’s fair to point out that she has made a number of costly and largely self-inflicted errors since taking over... She hired Henrique De Castro as her top lieutenant for big money and no results... $58 million in severance... She has increased headcount since she came aboard two years ago, not decreased it, which it still desperately requires... None of the $2 billion in acquisitions Mayer has spent in M&A since arriving at Yahoo are reflected in the valuation of Yahoo’s deteriorating core business...  The increase in value of Yahoo’s mobile users would have happened regardless of Mayer’s leadership, given the secular adoption of mobile devices... Excessive stock compensation in light of declining EBITDA... The only reason for the increase in value of Yahoo shares in the past two years is because Alibaba’s value has gone up from $35 billion to (by some estimates) $200 billion and Yahoo Japan’s value has doubled since the start of 2013 to $26 billion today.  Yahoo’s core business has only dragged down the value of Yahoo shares from where it would otherwise be trading..." (read more at link above)

It looks bleak. Yahoo isn't Google.

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