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Friday, May 2, 2014

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Still "Doesn't Get It"

Tom, nobody wants your stinkin' proposal for internet "fast lanes" -- Obama should have never appointed a lobbyist as FCC Chairman--he's clueless, tone-deaf, or deeply compromised by the special interests he once represented --

POLITICO Morning Tech - POLITICO.com: "The FCC Chairman continued the one-man show in defense of his net neutrality [sic] proposal in California Wednesday, but the groups first opposed to the now week-old plan are still unhappy. “Tom Wheeler still doesn’t get it. People aren’t flooding his phone lines and filling his in-box because they’re confused about his proposal,” Free Press CEO Craig Aaron said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. “They understand all too well that his plan would create a pay-to-prioritize Internet with fast lanes for the few.” ... The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is blasting an email to their membership today (nearly 1 million people) reviving a 2007 campaign forum in which the president promised to make sure his FCC backs net neutrality. Wheeler’s proposal undermines Obama’s promise, PCCC argues. Full video and petition pitch here: http://bit.ly/R1JD5Q

You wonder how people like Tom Wheeler ever get to these kinds of positions of power in DC -- it tells us more than we want to know about the sad state of the US government and the influence of money in politics.


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