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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Detroit, Third-World America, Obama Policies

Wonder why you don't read any mainstream media in-depth analysis of troubled Detroit? Or ever hear Obama talk about "what went wrong in Detroit?" After all, he is a community organizer! Detroit is a city run into the ground by Democratic Party politicians, big public unions, and the corrupt policies and practices inherent in the combination of those two. Don't look too closely or you will find the eventual, horrid outcome of progressive Democrat Party policies -- including that of the new mayor of New York City and the present occupant of the White House --

Progressivism Kills | National Review Online: "Detroit has the highest child-mortality rate of any American city, exceeding that of many parts of what we used to call the Third World. The rate of death before the age of 18 in Detroit is nearly three times New York City’s, and its infant-mortality rate exceeds that of Botswana. The main cause of premature death among the children of Detroit is premature birth — the second is murder...." (read the full article at the link above)


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