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Friday, April 26, 2013

Eric Schmidt on the future of nation states

physical policies and virtual policies--

Inside the mind of Eric Schmidt | Alan Rusbridger | Technology | guardian.co.uk: ". . . On the future of nation states - The nation states, at some basic level, are monopoly providers of services, they provide a unifying principle and ever since the Treaty of Westphalia everybody's sort of figured out what nations were and what nations did. That's not going to change. What will happen, is that the countries will have physical policies and virtual policies and they may be different. For example, China and the US may be able to collaborate in physical space on commerce and yet clearly have conflict in cyberspace. China is the source of many of the attacks on American firms, for example. So that duality - a strategy for cyberspace, a strategy for physical space - is possible. . . ."


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