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Monday, January 5, 2015

Rand Paul, Berkeley, San Francisco, Silicon Valley

Rand Paul, The Next President?--not as far fetched as some might think--

Rand Paul, Republican presidential hopeful, finds support in Berkeley, of all places - San Jose Mercury News: "....Director of National Intelligence James Clapper [broke] the law by lying to Congress, Paul said. The nation is under watch by "an intelligence community that's drunk with power, unrepentant and unwilling to relinquish power," he said. "The sheer arrogance of this: They're only sorry that they got caught. Without the Snowden leaks, these spies would still be doing whatever they please." Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich watched from the back of the room. "There are not too many people who can get a standing ovation at CPAC and a standing ovation at Berkeley," said Reich, now a UC-Berkeley professor...."

Rand Paul and the techies: A love story: "..."People were impressed," said 29-year-old Garrett Johnson, the founder of SendHub and the organizer of the event. Wooing the Patagonia-wearing, Blue Bottle coffee-sipping denizens of Silicon Valley, and especially San Francisco, may seem like a fool's errand for much of the GOP, but not for Paul, who recently made his second swing through the Bay Area in as many years. Indeed, his libertarian leanings, which can rankle Republican Party pooh-bahs, resonate in the Valley, where folks are messianic about private enterprise's potential to solve all the world's challenges. (Exhibit A: Google CEO Larry Page saying he'd rather bequeath his wealth to entrepreneur Elon Musk than to philanthropy.) Among the technorati, Paul's willingness to engage ideas outside the mainstream isn't a liability -- it's his strongest virtue...."

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