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Sunday, January 4, 2015

American Citizenship, US Tax Laws, Tax Reform

Of course neither Obama nor Congress will do anything on the issue of real tax reform, so the alternatives, although arduous, are the only way out--

Why I’m Giving Up My Passport - NYTimes.com: "... The United States is an outlier: Its extraterritorial tax laws apply to American citizens and companies no matter where they are. We are the only country (except, arguably, Eritrea) that taxes all of its citizens on worldwide income rather than where the income is earned. Expatriate Americans have to pay taxes once, wherever they live, and then file again in the United States. The I.R.S. doesn’t tax the first $97,600 of foreign earnings, and usually doesn’t double-tax the same income. So most expatriates owe no money to the I.R.S. each year — and yet many of us have to pay thousands of dollars to accountants because the rules are so hard to follow. The extraterritorial reach of the income tax dates from the Civil War, when the government wanted to prevent Americans from fleeing to Britain to avoid taxes. This outdated and harmful relic has only gotten worse. It’s one thing if a New Yorker creates a shell entity in the Cayman Islands to evade taxes. It’s another if an American who has spent most of his life overseas, as I have, creates a legitimate company. The I.R.S. doesn’t care about the distinction. Under a 1962 law, it treats the two companies I’ve started as “controlled foreign corporations,” subject to detailed regulatory requirements, though a majority of our employees and clients are foreigners...." (read more at link above)

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