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Monday, June 23, 2014

High Taxes, Moving, Decline in Dynamism

"Illinois is a high tax state, property tax is extreme and I know many people that pay over a $1000.00 per month just to live in their home. Illinois income tax was recently raised, and they tax everything they can. The winters are cold, the government is all Democrats, and Chicago is a dangerous place. I won't save a lot of money on income tax by moving to North Carolina, but I will have a much nicer home on the water for less property tax, a nicer lifestyle, better weather, less traffic, and not near as much crime. My sons college cost at NC State, about half of what it cost in Illinois. The state of Illinois is in big financial trouble, and I know more tax is the only solution for this state's politicians, and I just don't see the benefit of paying the high taxes for the not so great benefits of living in Illinois...." (source infra)

Why Have Americans Stopped Moving? - Bloomberg View: One troubling possibility is that it may be a decline in dynamism in the U.S. economy. A more auspicious explanation is that workers are increasingly able to find an ideal employer early in their careers, so that they have less need to seek a job elsewhere later on.


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