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Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland Vote Was NOT Even Close! And Yes, CNN is Idiotic

SCOTLAND VOTE WASN'T EVEN CLOSE: "No" (to keep Scotland as part of the U.K.): 55.3% ... "Yes": 44.7%. (source: Politico)

How could all of the media get this so wrong? And of course, the laughing stock of global media, CNN, didn't miss an opportunity to demonstrate how inept it is yet again (see above). We all accept that CNN is staffed by people who are grammatically and mathematically illiterate, but really? Here was CNN's lame excuse:
"[T]he pro-union camp won by a margin of 55.25% of the vote to 44.65% -- a much wider gap than opinion polls in the final days leading up to the vote had suggested."
By the way, when was the last time a President of the United States has been elected by 10% or more? More than 30 years ago--1984! (Ronald Reagan beat Walter Mondale in popular vote 58.8% to 40.6%.)

But at least President Obama rose to the occasion and showed the world that not all Americans are as illiterate as CNN:

Scottish leader quits after 'no' vote to independence : ""Through debate, discussion, and passionate yet peaceful deliberations, they reminded the world of Scotland's enormous contributions to the UK and the world," Obama said in a statement Friday morning. "We have no closer ally than the United Kingdom, and we look forward to continuing our strong and special relationship with all the people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as we address the challenges facing the world today.""-- US President Barack Obama

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